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South Colorful China & Tibet tour
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Chengdu,Lijiang, Shangri-la, Dali, Kunming, Xingyi, Guiyang, Kaili and Tibet Lhasa

D1.Arrive in Chengdu, Visit Panda -breeding center in the afternoon.

( L.D) Overnight in Chengdu

D2. Drive to Leshan City, (170km,about 2 hour) visit the Leshan Giant Buddha which is also UNESCO World

Heritage Site,-one of the most famous and biggest sitting Buddha in the world by

boat , and some other historical sites ,such as Lingyun Temple ,etc. Then drive back to

Chengdu. Suggest the clients have dinner by themsevels,there are many choices for

dinner near hotel. (B.L.excluding D) Overnight in Chengdu

D3. Drive to airport for flight to Lijiang in the morning, met and transferred to Lijiang, full day tour of Dongba Holy Garden,Baisha Village and Baisha Fresco and Wanggu Building, the Lijiang Ancient Town and Black Dragon Pool park. Special dinner(Naxi Palace local flavour). (B.L.D) Overnight in Lijiang

D4. Drive to Shigu (47 km) to the first Bend of Yangtze River, drive 50 km to Tiger Leaping Gorge. Continue 105 km to Zhongdian (capital city of Deqen Tibetan Auto. Pref), where is close to Tibet and known as Shangri-La / a hidden paradise in James Hilton's 1993 novel--- Lost Horizon.(

(B.L.D)Overnight in Shangri-la(also named Zhongdian)

D5.Visit Napa Lake and Grand Gedan Songzang Linsi (2nd Potala Palace, about 500 Lama Monks living there, built in 1679) back to the city. Visit the old town of Dukezong in the afternoon (B.L.D)Overnight in Shangri-la(also named Zhongdian)

D6.Drive back to Lijiang from Zhongdian,about 200km,4 hours. Free in the afternoon in Lijiang ancient town. (B.L.excluding D) Overnight in Lijiang

D7. Drive to Dali, about 199KM,3.5-4 hours, After lunch,visit Xizhou town and enjoy the Bai's Three Course Tea show. Cruise on Erhai Lake, enjoy the landscape of both the water and small islands in the lake by the cruiser. Visit Three Pagodas, Foreigners' Street in Dali Ancient Town. Suggest to have western-style dinner on the Foreigners 'Street by themselves.

(B.L.excluding dinner) Overnight in Dali

D8. Visit Zhonghe Temple upon Cangshan Mountain by chairlift. After lunch

drive to Kunming, 400KM (about 5 hours' driving). Dinner with Chinese Mushroom hotpot (B.L.D) Overnight in Kunming

D9. Free in Kunming. (They can make a optoinal tour for Bamboo Temple or

visit local museum,etc) (B.excluding lunch and excluding dinner) Overnight in Kunming

D10. After breakfast drive to Stone Forest of Yunnan (90km, 1.5hr) by coach, visit

Stone Forest after lunch, Lunch with famous local roast duck and Sani cake. Stone Forest is typical of its Karsts-landscape. In 80 hectares you will enjoy the bizarre shaped cliffs and peaks which were in the ancient sea before 270 million years ago. Sani minority lives here since hundreds of years. Sani girls with their colorfulclothes like moving flowers in the Stone Forest. After lunch, meet the local guide of Guizhou and drive to Xingyi. (280km, 3.5-4 hours). ( B. L.D) Pangjiang Hotel (VIP department 4*)-local best

D11. Full day tour in Xingyi. Visit Maling Gorge in the morning. It has deep and solitary riverbed with overhanging precipices and steep cliffs on each bank. The river has a high drop in elevation and numerous waterfalls, some of which are as high as a hundred meters, flowing down with imposing manner and splendid sightseeing. In the afternoon enjoy the natural view of Thousands Peaks. Ten Thousand Peak Hills (Wanfenglin) is another worthwhile place for visiting. It is an exquisite karst landscape hills

( B. L.D) Pangjiang Hotel (VIP department 4*)-local best

D12. Xingyi --- Guiyang (350km,4.5 - hours). We will stop at Beipangjiang bridge and

enjoy the beautiful view there. Then drive to Shitouzhai village, Buyi people live here and all

the houses made by stone. Visit Tianlong old village, women here are still dressed in traditional Ming dynasty costumes, and houses remain faithful to the Ming architectural styles.

The ancestors of these villagers migrated from Nanjing to Guizhou Province in the Ming

Dynasty. We will watch a local opera performance called Ground Opera, famed for the

performers' symbolic masks. Arrive in Guiyang.

( B. L.D) Overnight in Guiyang

D13. Guiyang-Kaili(180KM 2.5 hours' driving). Drive to Kaili. Kaili is the capital

of the southeast Miao and Dong Minority Autonomous prefecture. Visit Qingman, a

quiet village inhabited by the Folded & Silk felt Miao, where we will learn about

their culture. Visit Shiqiao village, here you can see the local people using the ancient

and traditional way of making paper, the clients can have a lunch in local family in

Shiqiao village or QIngman villag ( B. L.D) Overnight in Kaili

D14. In the morning, drive to Leishan county, about 1 hour driving,visit Jidao Miao

ethnic village. Jidao Miao ethnic village is a beautiful village with long history and traditional Miao style housrs, enjoy the traditional welcoming ceremony and dancing of Miao people. Visit the Paika village know more about Lusheng -the Miao people's most important musical instrument, drive directly to airport and catch late afternoon or evening flight for Chengdu. Met and transferred to hotel.

( B. L.D) Overnight in Chengdu

D15. Drive to airport and catch morning flight to Lhasa, arrive in Lhasa Gongar Airport and transferred to Lhasa city, (airport -city,100km, about 1.5 hour)the capital of Tibet Tibetan Autonomous Region. Relax in the afternoon.(Lhasa-altitude: 3600) (B.L. D ) Overnight in Lhasa

( !!! Or: The clients have to stay one night in Guiyang instead of Chengdu if the noon flight of Chendu/Lhasa can be issued ( The most of flights of Chengdu/Lhasa are morning ones), the program should be changed as follows:

D14.After the all visiting in Kaili,then drive back to Guiyang

( B. L.D) Overnight in Guiyang

D15. Drive to airport and catch morning flight at about 08:00 from Guiyang to Chengdu,then transfer to Lhasa at about 13:00 or 1400 by themselves at Chengdu airport, arrive in Lhasa Gongar Airport and transferred to Lhasa city, (airport -city,100km, about 1.5 hour)the capital of Tibet Tibetan Autonomous Region. Relax in the afternoon.(Lhasa-altitude: 3600) (B.L.D) Overnight in Lhasa )

D16. Visit Drepungthe biggest monastic University of Tibet. in the afternoon visit Sera Monastry, because at 16:00 the monks will have there debats, visit local Tibetan's family. Enjoy the local Tibetan Singing and Dancing show as well as local flavour.

(B.L.D) Overnight in Lhasa

D17. Morning tour of Potala, the winter palace of the Dalai Lama and Visit Norbulingka, summer palace van de Dalai Lama in the afternoon (B.L.D) Overnight in Lhasa

D18. visit Jokhang Temple and barkhor Market. Free in the afternoon.

(B.L. excluding D ) Overnight in Lhasa

D19. Catch morning flight to Chengdu. Free in the afternoon.

( B. L. excluding D) Overnight in Chengdu

D20. Drive to airport and catch flight back home,end of the service. (B.)

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