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Marco Polo & Complete Silk Road Tour in China with Taklamakan Desert & Mahayana Buddhism sites.
Destinations: Chengdu, Urumqi, Kashgar, Hotan, Mingfeng, Kuqa, Korla, Turpan, Dunhuang, Jiayuguan, Lanzhou, Xiahe, Xi'an--Taklamakan Desert
Duration: 21 Days
Tour Code: SD001
Price: From RMByuan13000/p.p
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Day 1
Arrival Chengdu
 Flight: Arrival Chengdu
 Meal: D
 Hotel: Overnight in Chengdu
 Itinerary: Arrival Chengdu ,met and transferred to hotel,free.

Day 2
 Flight: Chengdu/Urumqi
 Meal: B
 Hotel: Overnight in Urumqi
 Itinerary: Flight to Urumqi met and transferred to the hotel.

Day 3
 Flight: Urumqi/Kashgar
 Meal: B
 Hotel: Overnight in Kashgar
 Itinerary: Morning visit the Regional Museum in Urumqi, in the afternoon visit the Xinjiang Grand Bazaar. After dinner, catch flight to Kashgar

Day 4
 Bus: Kashgar
 Meal: B
 Hotel: Overnight in Kashgar
 Itinerary: Visit the Idkha Mosque, and the Abakhoja Mausoleum, and the market. In the afternoon visit the Old Town of Kashgar. Better to stay in Kashgar on Sunday for Sunday Bazzar (animal Bazzar)

Day 5
 Bus: Kashgar-Yekent-Hotan
 Meal: B
 Hotel: Overnight in Hotan
 Itinerary: Drive to Yekent(180km),visit the Yakent King mausoleum and Alertun mosque,and take walk in the old town there,then drive to Hotan(350km)

Day 6
 Bus: Hotan
 Meal: B
 Hotel: Overnight in Hotan
 Itinerary: Visit the wooden bowl workshop and the mulberry-paper workshop. The local market in Hotian. In the afternoon, visit the Aidelais Silk workshop, and carpet workshop. Then take camel riding on the edge of Taklamagan Desert to meet sunset there.

Day 7
 Bus: Hotan-Mingfeng
 Meal: B
 Hotel: Overnight in Mingfeng
 Itinerary: Drive to Minfeng (300km )

Day 8
 Bus: Mingfeng-Kuqa
 Meal: B
 Hotel: Overnight in Kuqa
 Itinerary: Visit Taklamakan Desert,then drive to Kuqa

Day 9
 Bus: Kuqa
 Meal: B
 Hotel: Overnight in Kuqa
 Itinerary: Drive to visit Kizil Grottoes(75 km, 1.5hrs),the Tianshan Grand Canyon.

Day 10
 Bus: Kuqa-Korla
 Meal: B
 Hotel: Overnihgt in Korla
 Itinerary: Drive to Korla (280km,4hrs),visit Kizilgaha Beacon tower, and the Subash ancient ruin. After lunch, drive to Korla.

Day 11
 Bus: Korla-Turpan
 Meal: B
 Hotel: Overnihgt in Turpan
 Itinerary: Drive to Turpan(380km,5hrs), Visit the Karez irrigation system.

Day 12
 Train: Turpan=Liuyuan
 Meal: B
 Hotel: Overnight in train
 Itinerary: Visit the Gaochang Ancient Ruin, and the Bezilklik Grottoes. The Emin
Minerat and Jiaohe Ancient Ruin. Flaming mountain.Catch night train to

Day 13
 Bus: Liuyuan-Dunhuang
 Meal: B
 Hotel: Overnight in Dunhuang
 Itinerary: Arrive in Liuyuan round 05:00, met and tranferred to hotel to have breakfast,
drive to Dunhuang(4h),visit Sandune and Crescent moon spring.

Day 14
 Bus: Dunhuang-Jiayuguan
 Meal: B
 Hotel: Overnight in Jiayuguan
 Itinerary: Visit Mogao Grottoes,drive to Jiayuguan

Day 15
 Bus: Jiayuguan=Lanzhou
 Meal: B
 Hotel: Overnight in train
 Itinerary: Drive to visit the First Beacon Tower,the Fortress and the great wall on the cliff. After dinner, take the nighttrain to Lanzhou

Day 16
 Bus: Lanzhou
 Meal: B
 Hotel: Lanzhou
 Itinerary: Arrive in Lanzhou in the morning,breakfast first,visit the Binlingsi Grottoes

Day 17
 Bus: Lanzhou-Xiahe
 Meal: B
 Hotel: Overnight in Xiahe
 Itinerary: Drive to Xiahe (5hrs,280km).

Day 18
 Bus: Xiahe-Lanzhou
 Meal: B
 Hotel: Overnight in Lanzhou
 Itinerary: Visit the Lableng Monastery, and after lunch driving to Lanzhou

Day 19
 Flight: Lanzhou/Xi'an
 Meal: B
 Hotel: Overnight in Xi'an
 Itinerary: Take morning flight to Xi'an,met and drive to visit Hanyang Underground Museum, drive back to city.

Day 20
 Bus: Xi'an
 Meal: B
 Hotel: Overnight in Xi'an
 Itinerary: Half day tour in Xi’an of Terra-cotta Museum, free in the afternoon

Day 21
 Flight: Xi'an departure
 Meal: B
 Itinerary: Drive to airport,catch the flight back home (there are international flights to Paris,Frankfurt,London and Hongkong per day),end the services.

Day 21
Xi'an departure
 Flight: Xi'an departure
 Meal: B
 Itinerary: Drive to airport,catch the flight back home (there are international flights to Paris,Frankfurt,London and Hongkong per day),end the services.

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