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Tibetan Area ,Buddhist Grottoes and Zhangye Danxia National Geological Park along Silk Road 8 Days
Destinations: Lanzhou,Xining,Zhangye,Wuwei
Duration: 8 Days
Tour Code: SD003
Price: From RMByuan3850/p.p
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Day 1
Arrival Lanzhou
 Flight: Arrival Lanzhou
 Meal: B
 Hotel: Overnight in Lanzhou
 Itinerary: Arrive in Lanzhou.Named Jincheng (Gold City) in ancient times,it has a history of more than 2,000 years.It is now the capital of Gansu Province,visit Gansu Museum that opens a marvelous world for you. Colored pottery depicting flowers, powerful and simple wood carvings from the Han Dynasty, exquisite Buddhist sculptures, relics left by the Great Wall and the Silk Road, all of which have vivid ethnic features, are last visit White Pagoda park which have become a symbol of Lanzhou City and very much a 'must see' for travelers.

Day 2
 Bus: Lanzhou-Xiahe
 Meal: B
 Hotel: Overnight in Xiahe
 Itinerary: Visit Binglingsi Grottoes (1.5h),it means 100,000 Buddha statues in Tibetan language,and is famous for its stone curvings. then go to Xiahe(4h) know as ‘Little-Tibet’ by coach

Day 3
 Bus: Xiahe
 Meal: B
 Hotel: Overnight in Xiahe
 Itinerary: Visit Labrang, one of the six main lamaseries of the Yellow Sect of Buddhism and the largest Lamaism institute in the world with a large collection of scriptures volumes. city tour.

Day 4
 Bus: Xiahe-Xi'ning
 Meal: B
 Hotel: Overnight in Xining
 Itinerary: Drive to Xining Kumbum (Ta’er Lamasery) (7h), It is a Buddhist lamasery combining Tibetan and Han architectural styles, and was built to suit the topography and sits perfectly on the slopes of the mountain.

Day 5
 Bus: Xining-Zhangye
 Meal: B
 Hotel: Overnight in Zhangye
 Itinerary: Drive to Zhangye(7h), visit Mati Temple Grottoes, it is well-known Because of the deity horse footprints.

Day 6
 Bus: Zhangye
 Meal: B
 Hotel: Overnight in Zhangye
 Itinerary: Drive to Linxia,visit Danxia Landscape, the only complex site of Danxia Landscape and colorful hillscenes in China,it is evaluated by Chinese National Geography as one of the seven most beautiful Danxia landscapes in China. Giant Buddha Temple-the largest indoor clay recumbent Buddha statue of China in the temple.

Day 7
 Bus: Zhangye-Wuwei
 Meal: B
 Hotel: Overnight in Wuwei
 Itinerary: Drive to Wuwei(4h), visit Leitai Han Tomb,well-known for the “Galloping Horse Treading on a Flying Swallow”,the symbol of Chinese
tourism.then visit Confucian Temple. named the champion of the ancient  education schools , is
well know as “the top Academy of learning”.

Day 8
 Bus: Weiwu-Lanzhou
 Meal: B
 Hotel: Overnight in Lanzhou

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