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North China Tour - Inner Mongolia,Xi'an,Xining,Tongren, Xiahe,Lanzhou
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Beijing,Hohhot of Inner Mongolia,Xi'an,Xining,Tongren or Repkong, Xiahe,Lanzhou, 16 nights in China

D1. Arrive in Beijing, visit National Theatre in the afternoon.

(L.D)Overnight in Beijing

D2 Drive to visit Jin Shanlin Great Wall(excluding cable car),back Beijing in the

afternoon,Royal style dinner. (B.L.D)Overnight in Beijing

D3 A full day tour of Olympic buildings,( Notional Aquatic Center-Water Cube, National Stadium--Bird's Nest,etc etc if possible),visit Art Zone of 798

(B.L.D)Overnight in Beijing

D4 In the morning,drive to airport for Hohhot which is airport of Inner Mongolia, City tour in Hohhot,Dazhao temple,old city and Five Pagoda temple in the afternoon in Hohhot. (B.L.D)Overnight in Hohhot

D5. Drive to Kubuqi Gobi and visit Resonant sand Gorge(including rope way).-200km-3.5 hours for one way. Drive back to Hohhot (B.L.D)Overnight in Hohhot

D6. Drive to visitXilamuren Graslands,about 90km,1.5 hour, visit the herdsmen's tent,join some activities on the grassland, then back to Hohhot. Catch evening or night flight to Xi'an after dinner. (the flight to Xi'an is usually in the evening or late)

(B.L.D)Overnight in Xi'an

D7. Drive to Qian Mausoleum after breakfast-2 hours'driving.(The Qian Mausoleum is Emperor Gao Zong's tomb shared with Wu Zetian, the only female emperor in Chinese history. The way to the Emperor's tomb is lined with stone animals as well as human figures. The Qijie Bei carries an inscription composed by the Empress Wu Zetian that describes the achievements of her late husband. An unusual feature is the Blank Tablet that has carved dragons upon it but no inscription, there is nothing like this at any other royal tomb site.) Tomb of Princess Yongtai was built by the side of the Qian Mausoleum. It consists of a paved path with many colorful murals which represent royal life of Tang Dynasty. They are masterpiece of Tang murals. After lunch, visit Famensi Temple. Famensi Temple is renowned for storing the veritable Finger Bone of the Sakyamuni Buddha. The Famensi Temple Museum includes most of the precious treasures from the Tang Dynasty removed from Underground Palace. It takes two hours to come back to Xi'An by us.

(B.L.D)Overnight in Xi'an

D8. Drive to Donghan Viliage in Huxian County (50km-1 hour) which is well-known for many peasant painters or artists, the clients can visit local families and learn peasant paints and paper cutting,etc. To have lunch in local farmer's house, learn how to cook dumpling,etc if the clients prefer. Drive back to city of Xi'an. Special dinner(Hot pot of mutton,beancurd,,vegetables,etc (B.L.D)Overnight in Xi'an

D9. Half free day in Xi'an for the clients who visit Xi'an for the first time, catch afternoon flight to Xining after lunch. Xining is the capital of Qinghai Province at an altitude of 2200 meters. (B.D.excluding lunch)Overnight in Xining

D10. Drive to Kumbum Monastery(Ta'er si). This is one of the six largest Yellow Sect(Gelukpa) Monasteries in China, and the birthplace of its founder, Tsongkhapa. It is well known for three unique Tibetan Buddhist Arts: murals, embossed embroidery, and yak butter sculptures. After lunch,to visit Tibetan Medicine Museum of China.

(B.L.D)Overnight in Xining

D11. Drive to Tongren County ( or named Repkong) 180km, about 3 hours, the most influential center of Tibetan Buddhist Arts, famous for its Thangka Painting, Clay Sculptures, and Applique. On the way, View the incredible Thangkas throughout the monastery and visit the home of a Thangka painter to experience an artist at work. VisitWutun Si Lamasery which is regarded as Repkong Arts School, have lunch in Tongren, visit Guomari Big Pagoda, the largest pagoda in the Amdo area, Guomari Old village.

(B.L.D)Overnight inTongren

D12. Visit Longwu Monastery, built in 1301. This is the leading Yellow sect monastery in the Tongren region. Drive through the Gangya Grasslands to Xiahe in the afternoon .120kmabout 3 hours (B.L.D)Overnight in Xiahe

D13.Visit Labrang Monastery, one of the leading Yellow sect monasteries, well-known as a great monastic university. In the afternoon, drive to Lanzhou-280km,about 5.5 hours. (B.L.D)Overnight in Lanzhou

D14. Drive to Liujiaxia reservoir, 80km--about 1.5 hour, then catch yacht to

Binglingsi Grottoes (60km,about 1 hour),drive back to Lanzhou,city tour of Mill

Wheel Park, Yellow River Bridge (B.L.D) Overnight in Lanzhou

D15.Catch morning flight to Beijing. Free in the afternoon for the clients who visit Beijing for the first time (B.L. excluding dinner) Overnight in Beijing

D16. A full day free in Beijing for the clients who visit Beijing for the first time

(B.excluding lunch and excluding dinner) Overnight in Beijing

D17.Drive to airport and catch flight back home,end of the service. (B.)

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