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Colorful South China
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Chengdu,Kaili,Guiyang,Anshun,Kunming,Yuanyang,Jianshui,Mile,Guilin,Yangshuo, Guangzhou,Hongkong,18 nights in China)

D1.Arrive in Chengdu, Visit Panda -breeding center in the afternoon.

( L.D) Overnight in Chengdu

D2. Drive to Leshan City, (170km,about 1.5 hour) visit the Grand Buddha -one of

the most famous and biggest sitting Buddha in the world by boat , and some other

historical sites ,such as Lingyun Temple ,etc. Then drive back to Chengdu.

(B.L.D) Overnight in Chengdu

D3. Catch flight to Guiyang, which is capital of Guizhou province, then transfer to

Kaili (180KM 2.5 hours' driving), Kaili is the capital of the southeast Miao and Dong

Minority Autonomous prefecture. Drive to Matang village, one unrecognized

nationality called 'Gejia' living here. Gejia is classified as one subgroup of Miao

people, however, they do not agree, because their language, costumes are totally

different from Miao people. The Gejia women are very skilful in making wax-resist

(batik). ( B. L.D) Overnight in Kaili

D4. In the morning, visit Kaili minority museum, in the museum people can have a general understanding and basic knowledge of Miao and Dong people's history, daily life, textile technique, etc. and then visit Jidao Miao ethnic village. Jidao Miao ethnic village is a beautiful village with long history and traditional Miao style housrs, enjoy the traditional welcoming ceremony and dancing of Miao people. Visit the Paika village know more about Lusheng -the Miao people's most important musical instrument, drive back to Kaili.

( B. L.D) Overnight in Kaili

D5. Visit Qingman, a quiet village inhabited by the Folded & Silkfelt Miao, wherewe will learn about their culture. Visit Shiqiao village, here you can see the localpeople using the ancient and traditional way of making paper, and drive to Guiyang. (280KM, 4 ours) ( B. L.D) Overnight in Guiyang

D6. Drive to Anshun (150KM, 2 hours), Today's tour included Huangguoshu Waterfall and Bonsai garden. The Huangguoshu Waterfall, the largest waterfall in Asia, is about 78 meters high and 101 meters wide. Hidden behind the waterfall is a 1340-meter long Water-Curtain Cave with fantastic stalactites. Situated in Zhengning County, it is located in a karst area 600-1500 meters above sea level, with a rainfall of 1300 mm, the region has long been know for its scenic beauty of crisscrossing,streams and alternating peaks and gorges, and then visit stone forest on the water---Tianxingqiao Bridge national park, take a nature walk at Tianxingqiao. ( B. L.D) Overnight in Anshun

D7. Today's program highlights the remaining culture of the Old Han (Chinese) ethnic group. The ancestors of these villagers migrated from Jiangxi Province to Guizhou province in the Ming Dynasty. We will drive for 1 hour to reach Yunfeng village. Women here are still dressed in traditional Ming dynasty costumes, and houses remain faithful to the Ming architectural styles. We will watch a local opera performance called Ground Opera, famed for the performers' symbolic masks. In the afternoon go back to Guiyang and then fly to Kunming. Catch flight to Kunming in the evening

(B.L.D) Overnight in Kunming

D8.Drive to Jianshui (224KM, 3.5hr), in the morning. After lunch visit Double Dragon Bridge and Zhang's Family Garden in Tuanshan village. Drive to Jianshui town and visit Chaoyang Gate and this old city of Ming Dynasty. (B.L.D) Overnight in Jianshui

D9. Visit Daban old well at local bean-curd mill and Confucius temple----the2nd largest Confucius temple in China and Zhu's Family Garden. Then drive to Yuanyang (222km, 3.5hr) where boasts of its magnificent terraced rice fields by local Hani and Yi ethnic groups. It's one of China's most popular destinations for photographers. Take a bird view of sunset and beautiful clouds from the central square of Yuanyang old town.

(B.L.D) Overnight in Yuanyang

D10. Visit Shengcun and Bada Hani & Yi's area for terrced rice fields and local Minorities villages. Visit local Monday Market in Shengcun. (Panzhihua Terraced rice fields will be replaced by Bada Terraced rice fields) (B.L.D) Overnight in Yuanyang

D11. After breakfast transfer to Mile ( 280km, 4.5hr ) by coach. Check in the hotel after lunch.In the afternoon, take a free walk or by hotel's golf car in beautiful Huquan Ecological Park covering an area of more than 2000 square kilometres. Youmay also enjoy all the free outdoor hot springs in the hotel. (B.L.D) Overnight in Mile

D12. After breakfast transfer to Stone Forest ( 56km, 1.5hr) by coach. Stone Forest is typical of its Karsts-landscape. In 80 hectares you will enjoy the bizarre-shaped cliffs and peaks which were in the ancient sea before 270 million years ago. Sani minority lives here since hundreds of years. Sani girls with their colorful clothes like moving flowers in the Stone Forest. Drive back to Kunming in the afternoon ( 90km, 1.5hr). silk or tea ceremony show .Lunch with famous local roast duck and Sani cake. Dinner with Chinese Medical Herbs Flavour. (B.L.D) Overnight in Kunming

D13. Visit Bamboo Temple and Provincial Museum (Municipal Museum). Lunch with Yunnan flavour of cross-bridge rice noodle and steamed-pot chicken. Take afternoon flight to Guilin ,met and transfer to hotel. local Tea Banquet dinner ( B.L.D) Overnight in Guilin

D14. Half day tour of cruising down the Li River to Yangshuo (about 3-5 hours),enjoy the most beautiful landscape in China, Drive to visit contemporary sculptures in Yuzi Paradise sculptures park, which is also named "Fool's Paradise. thenvisit the local market

( B. L.D) overnight in Yangshuo

D15. Have a bamboo boat tour on Yulong River by bamboo boat, then drive to visit beautiful lundscape named Shangri-la ( B. L.excluding dinner) Overnight in Yangshuo

D16. Free in the morning, drive back to Guilin airport, then catch noon flight to Guangzhou ( B. L.D) Overnight in Guangzhou

D17. Catch boat from Guangzhou to Hongkong in the morning, Half day tour of Aberdeen ,Victoria Peak in Hongkong.

(B.excluding L & excluding D) Overnight in Hongkong

D18. Full day leisure . (B.excluding L & excluding D) Overnight in Hongkong

D19. Drive to airport and catch flight back home, end of the service. (B)

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