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Special activities for tailor-made groups in Henan,Shanxi,Gansu,Tibet,Xinjiang
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Special activities for tailor-made groups in Henan,Shanxi,Gansu,Tibet,Xinjiang:


1. Old sites of Jew in Kaifeng of Henan

One day tour (history exhibition hall of Jew, Stele of Jew,Tombs of Jew, visit and talk with Jew's descendants in Kaifeng,etc) About half day

2. Kungfu studying( Shaolin boxing, Tai-chi boxing) in Shaolinsi Temple or Kungfu training school near Zhenzhou

At least one week.

3. Ancient buildings in Henan( Caves in Luoyang, kang bai-wan's mansions in Gongyi city, Shan,Sha,Gan Guild hall in Kaifeng;)

Two days tour

Shanxi: (capital city is Taiyuan)

1. Kungfu studying( Xingyi boxing) in Taigu county which is on the way from Taiyuan to Pingyao, visting and studying. About half day

2. Chan's family s Courtyard in city of Yuci near Taiyuan (

Nowadays, many forgeigners visit this courtyard to replace Qiao's Courtyard. (too many domestic tourists in Qiao's) About half day

4. Hougou Ancient town and village near Yuci city which is not far from Taiyuan (visiti ancient town,ancient village caves,etc) About half day

5. Taiyuan Acupuncture Institute ---only for visiting Gansu: (Lanzhou, Dunhuang)

1. Cooking visiting---famous Lanzhou Stretch noodles in Lanzhou

2. Drifting along Yellow River in Lanzhou by raft made of sheepskin or leather

About 30 mintues

3. There are golf clubs in Lanzhou

4. Taiji exercise: about 1 hour, usually in the morning at 6:00--7:00 in lcoal park in Dunhuang

5. Cooking studying in Dunhuang

6. visiting and studying the painting of Dunhuang frescoes in Duhuang vocational technical school

7. visiting massage,naprapathy,acupuncture,etc in Dunhuang Chinese Traditional medicine hospital

Xinjiang (Urumqi,Turpan,Kashgar,etc)

1. Traditional Uygur singing & Dancing in Urumqi,Turpan,Kashgar,etc

2. Taekwondo visiting and studying in Urumqi

3. Visiting and studying minority dancing (Uygur,Kazak,Monglian, Uzbekistan,Tartar,Tajik,etc) in Urumqi,Turpan,Kashgar,etc

4. Visiting and having the meals in local Uygur family (Pilaf,noodles,Nang cake,some snacks,etc) in Kashgar,Turpan,etc

5. Visiting Kazak family in their Yurt on the grassland near Urumqi,etc

6. Visiting primitive handmade workshops( wood bowl,clay pottery,oil making, paper making, knife making,rug & carpet making,minority instruments,etc) in Kashgar, Hotan, Yarkand,etc

7. Camel riding at the edge of Taklimakan desert and treking in the desert; camping in the dersert near Hotan,Mingfeng, Yarkand,etc

8. Visit and studying Uygur Dolan dancing and local farmer's paintings in Makit (or named Maikeiti) county -180kw from Kashgar

9. many minority villages can be visited in Kashgar,Turpan,etc---old Bazzar visit in villages

Villages in Opal, Karasu , Yapqan ,makit,etc

10. minority kindergarten visiting in Kashgar (about 10 minorities)

11. Trekking,hiking,climbing,camping,etc on grassland (such as: Sarym, Bayanbuluk,etc),at the mountain lakes, (such as: Heavenly Lake, Karakuli Lake,etc), mountains (such as: Mt. Muztag, Bogeda peak,etc),desert trekking,etc.


1. visit local Tibetan family near Lhsas and also in Shigatse

2. visit folklore village of Nianre village in Lhasa

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