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Most beautiful landscape & folklore
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Chengdu,Lijiang,Dali,Kunming,Guiyang,Kaili,Zhaoxing,Sanjiang,Guilin,Yangshuo,Guangzhou, Hongkong, 19 days in China

D1.Arrive in Chengdu, Visit Panda -breeding center in the afternoon.

( L.D) Overnight in Chengd

D2. Drive to Leshan City, (170km,about 2 hour) visit the Leshan Giant Buddha which is also UNESCO World Heritage Site,-one of the most famous and biggest sitting Buddha in the world by boat , and some other historical sites ,such as Lingyun Temple ,etc. Then drive back to Chengdu. (B.L. D) Overnight in Chengdu

D3. Catch the flight to Lijiang after breakfast,met and transferred to visit Dongba Holy Garden, go to Yuhu (Naxi Villaga, 15 km north of Lijiang). Here should be house build from 'ApeStone', a mixture of nature stone and loam/mud. Yuhu was the home town of Dr. Joseph Rock, a famous botanist who has monitored a lot of the Naxi culture and flora. Visit Rock's old house,Baisha Village and Baisha Fresco, Lijiang Ancient Town and Black Dragon Pool park. Have dinner on the ancient town-Sifang bar & coffee street by themselves. (B.L .excluding dinner)Overnight in Lijiang

D4.Drive to Dali in the morning, visit Dali Ancient Town, Foreigners' Street . Have dinner on the Foreigners 'Street by themselves. (B.L.excluding dinner) Overnight in Dali

D5.The half day tour of Erhai Lake boat tour. enjoy the landscape of both the water and small islands in the lake by the cruiser. Visit Xizhou town and Yan family's Courtyard ( Enjoy the Bai's Three Course Tea show ) after the lake tour. Then drive to Kunming, (about 5 hours' driving

(B.L.D) Overnight in Kunming

D6. After breakfast drive to Stone Forest of Yunnan (90km, 1.5hr) by coach, visit Stone Forest after lunch, Lunch with famous local roast duck and Sani cake. Stone Forest is typical of its

Karsts-landscape. In 80 hectares you will enjoy the bizarr shaped cliffs and peaks which ere in the ancient sea before 270 million years ago. Sani minority lives here since hundreds f years. Sani girls with their colorful lothes like moving flowers in the Stone Forest.

Special dinner-- Mushroom Hot Pot (B.L.D) Overnight in Kunming

D7.Free in the morning, then visit Bamboo Temple, local museum,etc),catch afternoon flight to Guiyang or catch morning flight on D8 to Guiyang.Met and transferred to hotel (B.L.D) Overnight in Guiyang

D8. Drive to visit Qingyan ancient town. Qingyan was built more than 600 years ago.

It is an old town with rich history, traditional architecture and its cultural relics. You

will find numerous temples, carves mansions and archways.

(B.L.D) Overnight in Guiyang

D9. Drive to Kaili, 2.5 hours' driving.Kaili is the capital of the southeast Miao and

Dong Minority Autonomous prefecture.We will visit Jidao long skirt Miao village, a real gem

with traditionalwooden houses .Enjoy the traditional welcoming ceremony of Miao people.

Then continue our journey to Datang, a Miao village with an aquatic granary and the women's " Mini skirt " . (B.L.D) Overnight in Kaili

D10. Drive to Zhaoxing via Danzhai, in the morning 2.5 hours driving to Danzhai. On the way Visit Qingman Miao village where you can see traditional weaving machine and Miao people's

silk belt and other handcraft made by hand, anthen visit Shiqiao village, here you can see the

local people using the ancient and traditional way of making paper. Continue our journey to

Zhaoxing by new highway. . (B.L.D) Overnight in Zhaoxing Hotel(3*)-local best

D11, Walking around in Zhaoxing , which is the one of the largest Dong villages in the region, with more than 700 households and a population of 4000. Drum towers, Roofed Bridges and

local opera stages are all here. Visit Tang An Dong village, which is the first ecology museum

for Dong area in China, and enjoy the beautiful terraced fields. We can hike from Tang'an

village to Zhaoxing village for 2.5 hours via Xiage Dong village. In the evening, pretty Dong

girls will dress up their traditional costume and perform on their well-known ‘ Big Song' for everybody.

(B.L.D) Overnight in Zhaoxing Hotel(3*)-local best

D12.Drive to Sanjiang,110km, about 5 hours'driving including the visiting on the

way. Continue our journey from Guizhou into Guangxi Province. On the way visit diping Fengyuqiaos (Wind and RainBridge)-the most Beautiful Fengyuqiao of Guizhou.

Then visit the Three Kings Temple in Heli village. Arrival Sanjiang which is in Guangxi

province, a town inhabited by the South Dong, one of the two subgroups of the Dong ethnic

minority. After breakfast, A short drive away from Sanjiang will take us to Chenyang,

a quaint little village with one of the largest Fengyuqiaos (Wind and Rain Bridge).

It is known for its "Folk Custom Centre" and Chengyang "Wind and Rain" covered bridge

which is protected as a valued cultural relic of Dong people. The bridge was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List on February 12, 1996, in the Cultural category.,_Guangxi

(B.L.D) Sanjiang Fengyuqiao Int'l hotel (3*) local best

D13. Visit Mapang Ancient building (or pagoda),then drive to Longsheng,100km, about 2.5 hours. Visit famous Longji (Dragon's Backbone) Terraced Rice Fields received their name because the rice terraces resemble a dragon's scales, while the

summit of the mountain range looks like the backbone of the dragon. Visitors standing on the top of the mountain can see the dragon's backbone twisting off into the distance.

Then drive to Guilin, 100km, about 2.5 hours.

(B.L.D) Overnight in Guilin

D14.Visit the Reed Flute Cave,the Elephant Trunk Hill, have Tea Banquet

( B.L.D ) Overnight in Guilin

D15. Half day tour of cruising down the Li River to Yangshuo (about 3- 5 hours),enjoy the most beautiful landscape in China, then visit the local foreigner's street and market. Have dinner on the Foreigners 'Street by themselves.

( B. L.excluding dinner) Overnight in Yangshuo

D16. Drive to airport and catch the flight to Guangzhou in the morning, Visit Yuexiu park, Chen Clan ‘s Family Temple and Liutongsi Temple ( B.L.D) overnight in Guangzhou

D17 .Catch the boat to Hongkong in the morning, met and transferred to hotel. ( B. excluding lunch and dinner ) Overnight in Hongkong

D18. Half day tour of Aberdeen,Victoria Peak, free in downtown in the afternoon.Check out at about 20:00, then catch night flight back home at 22:55

( B.excluding lunch and dinner ) overnight in Hongkong

Or. D18.Half day tour of Aberdeen,Victoria Peak, free in downtown in the afternoon. ( B.excluding lunch and dinner ) overnight in Hongkong

D19. Catch flight and back home, end of the service.

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