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Professional Architect tour Bejing & Shanghai
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D1 Arrival KL 10.05 hrs. Theme: Old Beijing,Forbidden City,Tian an men square,National grand Theatre,Blur Hotel,ational museum Overnight in Blur hotel

Theme: Metropol Beijing Linked Hybrid Steven Holl,Dongzhimen Embassy house,

CCTV,Soho Shang Dui,Yin Tau Centre,Jianwai Soho

Taday art Museum + Pingod Art gallery,free afternoon, people can go their own way to for example:(Hutong tour,Temple of Heaven,Guanganmen green Technology Showroom,Beijing South Station,National Library of China) (B)Overnight in Blur hotel

Theme: Olympic Beijing Olympic Green park,beijing national Stadium,The water cube,digital Beijing,national Olympic Green Convention Centre,During the route: Zhongguancun KPF and Christain Church GMP,Wukesong Cultural Sport Centre,Greenpix Xicui (B)Overnight in Blur hotel

D3. Theme Cultural beijing 798 Art District,Courtyard 104/105 Fake Design (Ai Wei Wei,Chinese Museum of Film,Songzhuang Art Village,Songzhuang Art Center,Xiaopu Art Center incl.artists of Songzhuang);Theme: Suburaan Beijing East of Songzhuang: High builiding area's, gated communities, golf fields in the middle of old villages. (B)Overnight in Blur hotel

D4.Theme: Chinese Wall Villa Shizilin (on their way), Hong Luo Clubhouse, (both are private clubhouse, we have sent them the requests for visiting, they will answer in about one week to tell us if our group can visit or not. Arrival Chinese Wall

(B) Overnight in Commune by the Great Wall

D5. Visit Chinese Wall without cable car included. Drive to city, and catch night train to Shanghai (B) Overnight in soft sleeper compartment which shares by 4 clients in train

D6. Arrival Shanghai, Anting new Town-, German model, Suzhou, Waterhouses/gardens,Suzhou museum ---today's program is too tight, suggest visit Anting new town on Sept.23.

(excluding breakfast.) Overnight in Bamboo Grove in Suzhou

D7. Departure to Shanghai, People's Square: Urban Design Museum Planning Hall (maquette of the city), Art Biennale Art Museum People's Square, 1933 slachthuis Hongkou 50 Moganshan Lu French Concession walk, Xintandi Shikumen Traditional Shanghai House Museum (B) Overnight Astor House Hotel

D8. Expo, whole day, Nightly boat tour (B) Overnight Astor House Hotel

D9. theme: THE BUND & OLD City Yuyuan garden,Old teahouzein old city,Art Biennale and other musea,The Bund walk (B) Overnight Astor House Hotel

D10. PUDONG Walk over the Bund,Colotrunnel Pudong,Lujiazui Pudong walk and bus

Jin Mao tower: is there a view over the city, World Finacial Tower which is higher than Jin Mao tower,these two towers are close by. Civic Plaza,shanghai Oriental Art Centre,Jinqiao area, Jinquao Activites Centre (B) Overnight Astor House Hotel

D11. For who wants for the 2nd to the EXPO,For who wants Art Biennale 2nd time, Please give seperate prices with a minimum for transport? At least 10 persons which separate prices,please see below; In the afternoon they will do something together but what is not clear yet? Suggest them learn Chinese calligraphic in local community of Shanghai(named Caoyang community) where they can visit the compound which the local people live . After that suggest have dinner in Xianqiangfang,Yong'an branch. (, see below about the prices .

(B.)) Overnight Astor House Hotel

D12. Transfer to airport for flight back dep. 10.10 hrs. end of the service. (B)

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